I have been having a lot of pain this past week. I think it may be a flare. Although, I did fall on Saturday, so I don’t know for sure if it is a flare or the fall. I am trying to schedule a massage and that is turning into a hassle. I haven’t had a massage for several weeks now, I really need one. My massage therapist does a really good job of getting my connective tissue to relax and not be as stuck. You can’t beat a good massage therapist that can really get into the muscle and unlock it.

Movement really does help with the pain, if you can get past the initial pain of getting up and moving. My pain is the worst in the morning when I try to get out of bed, once I get up and move most days it does get better. I also take Lyrica and one of my doses is in the morning, some days it helps and others it doesn’t.

Another thing people don’t realize is how much your emotions play into your pain and Fibromyalgia. If I am upset in anyway my pain gets worse. If I can work with my emotions and try to figure out the facts, sometimes that will help my pain.

Stress also raises my pain levels. My Complex-PTSD can really complicate my pain! When I can keep my stress levels down and my Complex-PTSD in check, it can really help reduce my pain levels as well.

The books I have been reading and studying have really helped educate me and has helped with my pain and anxiety about my pain. It doesn’t take the pain away it just helps me understand my pain more and how to work with it instead of against it.

Published by Sunshine

I am a survivor! I want to help victims and other survivors heal with the resources I used, my experiences and my successes. I want you to know you are not alone! C-PTSD is real and for the most part unseen when you look at me! After I was diagnosed it was a wow moment and made most of my life make sense. I was also diagnosed with general anxiety, ADHD with dyslexia, Hypoglycemia and OCD. All of these can complicate each other. I wish I would have been diagnosed when I was a kid and not at 50 years old. If it wasn’t for my husbands incredible insurance I believe I would still be struggling with not knowing why I felt the way I did and do inside. After my kids were out of the house and I no longer had them to take care of daily and I had more alone time, all of the above came to life in a big way. Don’t get me wrong it effected my kids in a big way also, but I didn’t see it until it was too late. Now I am slowly trying to rebuild and gain their trust back. If I had one do over wish, it would be to remove all the emotional abuse, traumatic situations and stresses I caused them! I got remarried yet again. I got married to my very resilient loving husband Kenny on December 21, 2016. It has been a struggle for both of us to deal with my C-PTSD. My biggest fear is yet again being abandoned emotionally and/or physically again because of the lack of understanding of my disabilities. We have gone through a few counselors, church counseling and have finally found one for me that is helping and not hindering because they didn’t truly understand how C-PTSD effects every aspect of your life especially your relationships. I got my service dog Mayze(Mayzee) April 16, 2017, she was 11 weeks old and started training at 13 weeks after we had bonded really well. She is a half European and half American Great Dane. My husband trained her to detect and alert me for my Hypoglycemia and I trained her with what I needed for my C-PTSD. There is a rare time that you won’t see Mayze and I together. The end of December 2018, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and she is learning yet another skill to help me. It is very discouraging that having a service dog has become the new fad and people buy a vest off the internet just so they can take their dogs into stores and other places pets can’t go. I will put more information on my service dog page regarding this sad issue. I want to become an advocate not only for people with real Service Dogs, but also for businesses.

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