My Service Dog – Mayze


Mayze – My Service Dog.

My husband and I purchased Mayze (Mayzee) on April 16, 2017, she was 11 weeks old and started training at 13 weeks after her And I had bonded really well.  She is a half European and half American Great  Dane.  My husband trained her to detect and alert me for my Hypoglycemia and I trained her for what I needed for my C-PTSD.  There is a rare time that you won’t see Mayze and I together. 

The end of December 2018, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and she is now learning yet another set of skills to help me.

  She is trained to block and stand between me and a potential threat; alert me when someone or something is approaching from behind; pull me into a different location away from the potential threat; wake me from nightmares/terrors; and she rubs her face on me when I start having an anxiety attack before it gets really bad.

She helps me with my hypoglycemia by bringing me in from the yard to remind me to eat when she smelled it coming on; or out on errands alerts me to eat by licking my hand; and/or by not letting me leave the house without eating. She will whine, pull me, look at me and not let me go on before I eat something.

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